Shambala Mandala Shambala Mandala background

What we believe

We generally believe that rules are made for breaking but the following principals are our guiding philosophy for how we try and make the decisions we do. We believe that it is this foundation that makes Shambala so special.

1. People come first

Our aim, above all, is to be fair in our prices, in the way we communicate with people and in the parity and frankness with which we deal with all involved. Festivals should be an alternative vision of society. They should be utopias, places where interacting with fellow humans isn’t a hassle but a pleasure.

2. To celebrate the creativity that resides in all of us

Our passion is to encourage creative participation. Shambala is a canvas upon which diverse groups have autonomy to create and offer their ideas and create a rich tapestry of experiences in music, art and performance. The idea of the ‘Shambalan’ being just as important as the entertainment we provide is an essential part of Shambala’s nature.

3. To discover and share ways of moving to a sustainable future

Our dream is to promote and inspire participants to live their lives in a more sustainable way. Through the choices we make as an organisation, and the activities and workshops we offer, we aim to explore and demonstrate new and innovative ways of living.

4. To be a place free of corporate influence

We are 100% independent and will always be so. This means being free of any external agendas or demands, advertising and branding and mindless consumerism. Being independent means we can concentrate on making unbiased decisions that will benefit our community and, hopefully, society as a whole.