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A year round treasure trove.

Our Shambala phone app is a real labour of love. 

Back in 2017 when we launched the official Shambala app, we built our own rather than using an off-the-shelf listings app. We did this because we weren’t comfortable with opening our audience up to the extensive data mining that comes as standard with most festival apps. 

The fact our app is bespoke means we can add to it and improve on it each year, based on your feedback. The app now has heaps more bells and whistles than it’s first iteration, but it remains anonymous to use and is built on decentralised blockchain technology, with ethics at it’s core. 

What’s particularly exciting about the Shambala App is that it’s no longer just for the festival weekend. It’s a year round community. Rather than uninstalling the app post event, stick around and get stuck into the following:

Community Events Listings

Got a gig that you think the Shambala audience would love? Going to a protest for a cause that you want to shout about? Organising a seriously sparkly clothes swap? Or just fancy a big Sunday roast with some friendly Shambala folk? Whatever it is, upload it to our Community Events section on the app and let’s keep the community coming together, all around the country, all year round!

The People’s Gallery 

Upload your words, images, artwork, musings and memories or amusingly shaped vegetables, for the full community to appreciate.

The Shambala Speaks podcast

Enjoy bimbling conversations, debates, storytelling and interviews all recorded on site at Shambala. The Shambala app is host to all of our episodes thus far, and future episodes recorded on site this year will appear on the Shambala app before they appear anywhere else.

Exclusive app mixes

The ‘Sounds of Shambala’ vault on the app is packed with exclusive, banging mixes from a bunch of your favourite festival party starters, with new mixes dropping every month.

First looks and sneak peaks

We’ll be prioritising big announcements on the app before they hit our website or socials, from line up announcements to ticket launches and theme votes!

This is your app, and due to it’s bespoke nature, the possibilities are pretty endless, so if you’ve got any wicked ideas on new features or functions, we wanna hear them! Drop them in the in the ‘Feedback’ function of the app!

To join the fun, search SHAMBALA on your app store and look for our logo, or head to the App Store or Play Store here.

A big thank you to our trusty app developers, the Nickless brothers, at BOMA.  Unassuming geniuses and thoroughly good eggs who work so hard to make our hairbrained ideas a reality.