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Shambala 2022: The Official Aftermovie

Popcorn at the ready! Make yourself comfortable, pour yourself a glass of something delicious, gather your Shambala clan and crank that volume UP. If you joined us at Shambala 2022, see if you can spot yourself amongst the madness. If you couldn’t join us, here’s what you missed.


Track 1: Dope Saint Jude – ‘You’re Gonna Make It’

Track 2: Dissident Noize Factory – ‘Dumb Us Down’

Filming & edit – Trago Studios

*Please note – the shambolic-ly fabulous wedding featured in this video was a one off, from our 2020 crowdfunder (HUGE congrats and love to our blushing brides, Amy & Rhiannon 💕) – but this isn’t something we’re able to offer again, apologies to all the eager couples who’ve been asking!*