Our aim is to be the most ‘net-positive’ gathering we can be, in all the ways we can possibly think of. We actively minimise the festival’s negative environmental impacts, and maximise the positive. We keep ourselves up-to-date with knowledge and what’s going on in the world – it’s a journey and we are always learning. We collect data of all kinds to enable evidenced-based decision-making, whether it be the exact words we choose in a campaign, or a policy change on waste management. We’re open-minded and investigate all areas of our influence – social, financial & environmental – to find new ways of inspiring change. Being bold and taking risks is in our nature, along with listening to others and welcoming any challenges – if we get it wrong, we listen, learn and change the way we do things.

We are considered to be a pioneering festival world-wide and are proud to share everything we learn freely in the spirit of Creative Commons. We have:

  • Reduced our carbon footprint by over 80%
  • Become powered by 100% renewables
  • Eliminated disposable plastics
  • Recycled 80% of recyclables
  • Pioneered recycling deposits and reusable cups
  • Gone meat and fish free
  • Provided a space for inspiration
  • Introduced majority compost loos across site
  • Worked with over 20 partners to support world-changing work
  • Implemented radical low-carbon travel plans
  • our company is more than five times carbon positive through renewable energy investments
  • Our amazing audience have collectively funded a forest in Africa, started a charity  – Energy Revolution – have supported various campaigns and have generally been amazing people in the world.
  • Measured impacts and undergone third party certification every year
  • Won stacks of awards!

Working with all of our diverse community, we will keep pushing for better ways of doing things and for a clean, sustainable, diverse, abundant, respectful and happy future for all living things.

Onsite you can visit the RAW tent (run by our partners at the RAW foundation) for fun workshops, short films and chatting with the experts. Also watch out for the highly acclaimed RAW photographic exhibition taking place at Shambala this year – keep your eyes out for the invite-only-mega-swanky-private-champagne launch! 


  • Creative Green Awards 2017 – 5* certification (the first – and currently only festival – to have ever achieved this! Find out more about that, HERE)
  • Creative Green Awards 2017 – Best Festival
  • Creative Green Awards 2017 – Outstanding Achievement Award
  • European Festival Awards 2016 – Green Operations Award
  • We’ve won the International A Greener Festival Award five times to date – also picking up their ‘Inspiration Award’ in 2012.