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Food, Glorious Food

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Food, Glorious Food

Treat yourself

Luxury Camping

Feel like relaxing in the lap of luxury, after a hard days dancing, partying and discovering? We have just the thing.

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Shambala Springs

Our rustic yet luxurious spa area nestled on the shores of the lake is just the tonic for replenishing mind, body and soul.

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Garden O’ Feeden Feasts

Foodie heaven; think table service and a proper-sit-down-affair that’ll give any fancy pants eating establishment a run for their money.

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Bees Creche

Go see a band, have a romantic dinner, or just remember what it’s like being at a festival without kids for a few hours.

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A four day explosion of joy, hilarity, music and nonsense, condensed into one seriously colourful photo gallery.

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Gather your Shambala tribe around, crack open a cider and delve into the official video archives.

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Shambala FM

Point your ears this way, for a treasure trove of sun-soaked, audio delights from our musical vaults.

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Adventures in Utopia