Shambala Festival
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Food glorious food

Head to our brand-new banquet hall The Garden o’ Feeden for a mega-watt burst of goodness.

The Surplus Supper Club
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Adventures in Utopia

Our new Adventures In Utopia blog tells the stories of the people we’ve met, worked and..

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The Art of Play

Going to Shambala as a child is potentially a life-changing experience.

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Shambala 2015 The Movie

This year, our video is a tribute to our beloved Shambalans (YOU LOT!)

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Participation is the name of the game and there are hundreds of ways to get involved.

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Making & Doing

Hands on and fully interactive, The craft area has a wide diversity of crafts on offer for all ages and abilities. Take part in a workshop..

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Performance Art & Theatricals

Experience eye-popping performance art and theatricals from the most exciting companies to trot the globe.

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Shambala Springs

Welcome to Shambala Springs, our luxury (yet rustic) spa area nestled on the shores of the lake.

Shambala Springs
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Due to popular demand, we have teamed up with the Bee’s Mobile Creche for the fourth year..

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Bush Camp

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Luxury Camping

Shambala Twitter


  • Performers! Be it #circus, #theatre or walkabout - we want you at #Shambala2016 - apply here

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