Welcome, one and all, to the Imaginarium, hosted by Futerra! It’s a space dedicated to the creative expansion of both your personal body, mind and soul and our collective, cultural narrative. Prepare to have your boundaries pushed, your horizons broadened, your potential unleashed and new possibilities forged!

Join pioneers and practitioners, dreamers and believers, advocates and artisans bold enough to imagine better and courageous enough to make it happen. You’ll experience inspiring talks, powerful provocations, practical and playful interactive workshops, musings, meditations and plenty of positive joy.

Liberating us all from the conceptual constraints of today, we adventure into new and emerging realms, in which pragmatic reality no longer stifles living, breathing visions of a brighter and more brilliant world. Let’s not remain shackled to the unsustainable status quo, nor isolated in our own mini-skull-sized kingdoms, but instead come together in colourful collaboration in crafting a different collective future.

We are the people we’ve been waiting for. We are the change-makers. We are Futerrans.