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Settle down for another #COVIDCREWSTORIES, this time we catch up with our very own AIDU host, the radiant Polly Barsby. Polly’s been with us for

Settle down for another #COVIDCREWSTORIES, from the-hostess-with-the-mostest turned NHS 111 call responder, Annabelle Holland. Annabelle usually heads up our venue The Social Club and

As our forays into app development show, we’re keen to explore how new tech can enable a more inter-connected world. Our community events listing

As Pride 2019 draws to a close we talk to The SanQtuary’s Camille Barton about creating safer spaces for LGBTQIA+ folks that celebrate intersectionality

Authored by Kurt Sovain of DQST. Growing up in a heteronormative world as a queer kid can mess with your head. When I was

Shambala’s Red Sea Travel Agency give the best tips for cutting out plastic waste from your period on Menstruation hygiene day.

Back when we launched our Bring A Cup campaign last year, we offered cup-buyers the chance to add a few pounds on to the

The following blog was written by Shambala’s very own permaculture guru, Lynne Davis – find her in the permaculture field at Shambala this year

The first in a new video mini series: Cut The Bull – Eating Our Way To A Healthier Planet. Off the back of our meat

This blog was kindly written by Ed Gillespie, co-founder of sustainability comms agency Futerra, and all round Shambala legend. You can read the original

Read on to discover how your vision of Utopia could appear on this year’s official Shambala T-shirt! Shambala has always been a party with a

On 25th April 2015, Nepal was shaken to its core by a series of powerful earthquakes that killed over 8,800 people and left hundreds