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An update from Shambala Festival.

Please do not take our silence over the past few days, on the disappearance of Gboyega, as inaction. There is much we have wanted to express but have not been able to make further statements. We are working closely with and under the instruction of the police. While we can’t yet to respond to all the questions being asked of us, we feel it is important to share what we can at this stage. 

When Gboyega was reported missing by friends at the event, having not turned up for his poetry set on Sunday, police were notified immediately, and attended the festival to speak to his friends. At that stage we took immediate actions onsite to assist the police in the search for Gboyega. We understand that friends and family need answers, and we will assist in good faith with all inquiries over the coming weeks and months. 

We have not yet had official confirmation from the police of the identity of the person found, or detailed information about the circumstances of the death. On this basis, we have not been able to provide any information or make further comment, despite press and family acknowledgement of his passing. In addition, we have not had consent from the family about making any public statements and feel strongly that it is right that they take the lead on releasing any information, and how Gboyega is honoured.

As a team and festival community, we are heartbroken by this tragic loss of a talented and important young poet, and cannot imagine the pain felt by Gboyega’s family, friends and community.