Art Installations / Site Decor / Small Venue Ideas (Now Closed)

Applications for Shambala 2020 are now closed – thank you to all who applied, our bookers will get back to you with decisions in the coming weeks. 

We love creativity in all shapes and sizes – Shambala is but a green and grassy canvas, just waiting for you to splash your wildest, most creative ideas all over it.

If you think you have an idea that would wow Shambalans then we are all ears. Please be realistic in terms of the cost and safety of your project. Decisions are made based upon your level of expertise, vision and ability to work within deadlines and small budgets.

Shambala celebrates its 20th edition in 2020 so we’re seizing the opportunity to reflect, celebrate, commemorate and look to the future – we welcome creative applications that help us do just that.

As always space onsite is tight and our capacity to welcome new venues is very limited. (If you are a Mural Painter / Set Illustrator / Street Artist please complete a separate application here).

These applications are reviewed as they come in so we encourage you to submit them as early as you can.