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We love creativity in all shapes and sizes – Shambala is but a green and grassy canvas, just waiting for you lot to splash your maddest, creative ideas all over it.

If you think you have an idea that would wow Shambalans then we are all ears. However, please be realistic in terms of the cost and safety of your project. We will make our final decisions based upon your level of expertise, vision and ability to work within deadlines and small budgets.

Before you fill in this form make sure you have a well thought out and researched idea.

You can upload all your pictures, files and videos at the bottom of this form. Include your website link if you have one, and give us an idea of the budget, and crew numbers and any other additional info that shows us your skill and experience.

The more thought and detail you provide, the more likely your idea will be successful in being chosen. Also include questions that you may have for us, we always work with people to get the best possible outcomes.

Applications close on 31st March 2019.