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A whopping 63% of Shambala’s carbon footprint is from audience travel (2019 figures), and over 90% is from all travel combined i.e. audience, crew, artists, and infrastructure deliveries.

Back in 2015, Shambala and YOU, our festival goers, co-founded an unprecedented festival industry initiative ‘Energy Revolution’, aiming to tackle travel impacts. It’s now called ecolibrium, and has achieved a lot: We’ve worked with over 100 festivals to implement more sustainable travel planning, and balanced the equivalent of 19m travel miles with positive climate investments, planting over 40,000 trees, investing in 10 renewable energy projects and protecting 12,000 acres of rainforest.

To play our part, the festival has measured and balanced 100% of the emissions from the festival operations and crew travel by investing in projects which quantifiably avoid or reduce carbon. You can see our third party environmental assessment here, which shows our footprint for 2019.

If you buy a car or van pass when you buy your tickets, a balancing fee is added. From 2022 fees, 100% was invested into the amazing project Energy Garden.

You can also use the ecolibrium free carbon calculator to balance your travel throughout the year.