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Please consider car sharing to Shambala this year! 🙏

You, we and everyone in between have worked HARD to make Shambala an award-winningly sustainable festival! But the average journey to site (115 miles) generates 25 kg of CO2 equivalent, and currently 60% of Shambalans arrive in nearly 4,500 cars (with 2.9 people in each car). The majority of Shambala’s carbon footprint comes from audience travel, so we can have a real impact if we reduce the amount of car journeys…

Sharing your car journey (i.e. filling up your car in a complete, cosmic convoy) has the potential to reduce the festival’s carbon footprint considerably.

Thankfully there is a slick and easy-to-use car sharing site – LiftShare Festival are linking up thousands of passengers with car drivers, meaning everyone can get where they need to go, sharing time, cost, sandwiches, music – and of course saving CO2.

It’s a great way to save money if you are driving, or find like-minded people who are offering lifts and travel with them.

So if you’re driving, or need a lift, check out LiftShare Festival and share the journey.

Please make sure you have the correct Vehicle Pass and please make a carbon donation when buying tickets if you are able (see below).

Distances for guidance:

  • From Birmingham it is only 45 miles and takes a ridiculous 47 minutes.
  • From Bristol it is 120 miles and takes a very manageable 2 hours.
  • From London it is 80 miles and takes a very do-able 2 hours.
  • From Sheffield it is 95 miles and takes a measly 1 and half hours.
  • From Penzance it is a long way – but it’s well worth it!

Balance your carbon with our partners Ecolibrium by calculating the carbon associated with your journey. They donate to thousands of trees being planted by charities and conservation projects around the world. 

Balance my journey!