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Escape to our soothing sanctuary amidst the vibrant Shambala festival. Discover three cosy yurts where tranquility awaits. Two yurts with house clean gas-fired saunas, while another offers a serene steam room. Our secluded enclosure also features refreshing hot and cold showers and a relaxing area to unwind alongside fellow bathers.

At the entrance, our counter tempts you with invigorating coffee, chai tea, cold drinks, and delightful cakes and pastries. Just outside, a gathering spot awaits—a seating area around the beloved Heatwave fire pit, where you can retreat from the festival’s hustle and bustle.

Our Spa embraces body positivity and offers a clothing-optional environment. It’s a beloved haven for festival-goers seeking cleanliness, muscle relief, pre-bedtime relaxation, or detoxification.

Join us at Shambala and experience our sanctuary of rejuvenation and self-care. Step into our Spa, where relaxation reaches new heights, leaving you refreshed and nourished.