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In case you were wondering, this is what happens when you drop acclaimed, abstract filmmaker John Minton into the middle of Shambala with a bunch of weird lenses, and let him do his thing…

John is well known for his music video work, creating off the wall, dreamscapey video goodness for the likes of Sleaford Mods, Portishead, Noel Gallagher and The Pretenders. He’s also the creative force behind Portishead’s mindbending live visuals – so it was quite the honour to see his unique take on Shambala – cheers John!

..and a big thank you to all the Shambalans that piled into our video booth this year to show us their best moves – can you spot yourself?

Video Credits:

  • Cameras/Concept/Edit – John Minton
  • Cameras – Lizzie Goldsack & Curt Piercy
  • Video booth team – Chaz Hood & Jake Carless

Music Credits: