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New facilities for 2018…

It’s International Women’s Day as we write this, which seemed a very appropriate time to announce some of our brand new facilities for 2018…

The Red Sea Travel Agency 

PERIODS. They happen. Hundreds of you get yours when you’re at the festival. We’ve been there and it can be a real hassle – which is why we’ve developed a brand new, dedicated space: The Red Sea Travel Agency, to assist you with your ‘monthly trip.’

Puns aside, this is a calm and comfy chill out space with dedicated toilets, hot water for your moon cup and hot water bottles for those that just need to take some time out. This is also an information hub for those that want to find out more about ditching plastics from their periods. It will also play host to talks around menstrual health, feminine folklore and more.

Female Urinals

We’ve seen a real uplift in requests for these, so this year, we’re making it happen. If you’ve ever cursed your lack of appendage, when comparing the toilet cubicle queues with the speedy in-and-out of the male urinals, then visit the dedicated female version in the main arena.

Parent & Baby Tent

We love that so many of you bring your littlest ones along to Shambala. We also know that, no matter how prepared you are, navigating a festival is much trickier when you’ve got to consider breast feeding, nappy changing and nap time. This year, we’ve got a dedicated space in the thick of it, for parents and babies to seek sanctuary. Look for the giant breast, it’s going to be quite hard to miss…

Safe Spaces At Festivals

We remain signed up to the Association of Independent Festival’s Charter of Best Practice for Sexual Assault at Festivals.

Shambala has a zero tolerance policy towards sexual assault (defined as ‘any unwanted sexual act or activity’). We take a victim led approach and promise to always respond to reports of harassment or sexual violence from a place of belief – with support services available on site. Sexual assault or harassment can happen to anybody, of any gender – and is unacceptable. We encourage all attendees, staff, performers and volunteers to not be a bystander to any sexual violence or intimidation they may witness – if you see it, report it.

Happy International Women’s Day, you beauties! x