My Cause UK

In 2016, Shambala partnered with My Cause UK to provide Shambalans with a new way to enjoy the festival while getting a free ticket by volunteering to raise money for any charity they chose while pouring pints, cocktails and everything in-between across our fantastic bars.

The 35 My Cause UK volunteers raisied over £1,500 for charities including Amnesty International, Big-C, Bristol Drugs Project, Cancer Research UK, Diabetes UK, Mind, Mothers for Mothers, Oasis Project Brighton, Off The Fence Trust, Shakespeare in Shoreditch, The National Autistic Society, The Woodcraft Folk and Vasa Praevia UK.

My Cause offer volunteers the chance to take on a variety of roles at a range of UK festivals including stewarding stages campsites and car parks, staffing gates, checking tickets and wrist banding, as well as bar staff, programme sales and almost everything in between! In 2016 My Cause UK volunteers have helped raise over £16,000 for more than 147 charities.
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