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Diverse Artists Network (DAN)

We’re proud to work in partnership with Diverse Artists Network CIC (DAN) – the child of Tribe of Doris Festival.

At Shambala 2022, Vandna (co-founder of DAN) is programming the music and workshops for our Harmony & Melody Yurts. Her passion is to ensure marginalised people in the arts world are; being seen, being heard and being paid! She motivates people to increase their reach by creating platforms, facilitates dialogue and organises events to help the arts be more inclusive to everyone!

DAN work to empower individuals in their network of artists to work towards their goals – whether that be a fundraising applications; applying for jobs, booking gigs, etc. DAN also facilitate safe, inclusive spaces for constructive dialogue on relevant issues that affect diverse artists. Creating platforms to perform, share opportunities, and collaborate – to be seen, be heard, and be paid. DAN so far has hosted networking events at, Ashton Court, RWA, The Bristol Old Vic, Trinity Centre, and the Bristol Beacon.

They also offer CPD (Continuing Professional Development) consultancy to artists, to help increase skills and knowledge for individuals’ professional development, alongside advising and working in collaboration with arts venues and organisations to create diverse events and increase artist representation and employment.