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Tribe of Doris

Tribe of Doris was born 27 years ago when a group of music lovers and adventurers met on a campsite just outside of Bristol. Wanting to honour the drum as the beating heart of music, and the role of artists as carriers of cultural knowledge, they invited a little slice of West African goodness to the merry fields of West England. Since then, they have worked to create opportunities for cultural understanding and belonging, through the unifying power of song, dance and ceremony.

For 8 years Tribe of Doris has been bringing their community focused celebration of drums, music and dance to Shambala, hosting the Music and Voice workshops in the Harmony & Melody Yurt, and the Shamanic Tipi in the Meadow. With their coterie of brilliant teachers, Tribe of Doris offer our Shambalans the chance to get down to the joyful business of music making; whether it’s having a strum on a uke, blasting a kudu horn, or learning songs from Wales or Zimbabwe.

Beyond their amazing work at Shambala, Tribe of Doris run community events, a Summer School and, in 2016, launched the Diverse Artists Network. This network, based in Bristol, aims to bring together artists, facilitate partnerships and, provides a platform for underrepresented artistic voices.