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“10 Reasons Shambala is the Best Family Festival in the world!”

We were absolutely over the moon to read this gorgeous review of Shambala 2023 from the team at Festival Kidz.

We’ve pulled out a few of our absolute favourite quotes below, but you can check out the full review on their website, right here.

“Fully committed to being sustainable, circular, regenerative, net positive, and earth and life respecting, Shambala really does walk the walk rather than talk the talk. They’ve taken some super forward-thinking initiatives in the events industry, and we love them for it. Other festivals really need to follow the lead and learn from the success of Shambala and the respect they’ve gained from their loyal attendees. A true sign of this is the rubbish-free site all weekend and the spotless camping fields ticket holders leave.”

“Rather than just music concert-style stages, Shambala’s gems are the hidden venues you might just stumble across. The efforts put into creating visually delightful mini playgrounds makes the difference in how long kids stay engaged. Every venue you enter at Shambala has something to entertain so take a look through the wardrobe and explore.”

“Firmly up there with one of our family’s core memory experiences is the 13-year-old being recruited as head chef at Le Bistrot de la Salle D’Attente (The Waiting Room 2023). This hilarious immersive theatre experience was so much fun she sneaked back in the back door to personally address an unsatisfied bistro guest who complained about the quality of the soup!”

“Shunning sponsorship and remaining truly independent means Shambala allows you to escape the corporate crap of everyday life. You won’t find Starbucks or any other big business trying to brainwash the kids. Instead, introduce them to some pretty wonderful independent businesses doing some pretty wonderful things. A makers’ market full of delightful handmade masterpieces, crafters lovingly creating before your eyes and chefs cooking up delicious homemade eats.”

“There are very few festivals that cut it in the same way as Shambala for sheer creativity. Much of that is down to the people it brings together. Providing a blank canvas and a twinkle of ideas for the most imaginative ideas to come to life is what Shambala do best. It’s not just the efforts put in by the thousands of crew, artists and volunteers involved, each and every guest is invited to be part of creating adventures in utopia.”

Huge thanks to Festival Kidz for their lovely words – and if you think your family would have a blast at Shambala, tickets go on sale at 1pm on Wednesday 1st November – come and join the Sham fam! x