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NOSH Community Cafe: 2023 Impacts!

Every year, the fantastic Nosh Community Cafe, on site at Shambala, provides a space to enjoy delicious, locally sourced meals and snacks – whilst providing an important link back to the various villages that neighbour the festival site.

Every year, we are delighted to learn just how the funds raised filling your hungry bellies has been put to use in the local communities – in 2023, these funds will be used for causes such as:

  • To help create a natural meadow area, with environmentally friendly bird feeding stations, at a local church and graveyard, to encourage biodiversity and wildlife to thrive.
  • To support improvements to a local village hall’s car park
  • To help create a new, outside green space for the village community to enjoy
  • To support a ‘Go Social’ social club, to fund events and buy communal flower planters for the villagers to enjoy.
  • To keep a local youth club’s mini bus on the road – which allows the village youth club to take local young people on trips and to sporting events, as well as helping take them home to the more rural areas, after club night!
  • To help cover the running costs of a Village Hall, which is the main hub of the village and used by lots of amazing local organisations for social events and meetings, 

The NOSH team had this to say: “We had another successful and fun year at Shambala. Community life has been both maintained and improved over the years as a direct result of the funds raised by NOSH and Shambala’

So, if you enjoyed a brew, a meal or a snack at NOSH Community Cafe this year, thank you, for supporting the local community and helping further the impact of the festival, beyond the weekend itself.

Big love x