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A guide to Sensual Embodiment w/ Anastasia

Indulge in this sacred ceremony of self-honoring with Anastasia, the sex magick priestex, to discover the hidden magick of your divine sensuality. You’ll feel the delicious rush of magick flow through your body as you energetically ‘turn yourself on’ through movement, meditation, and visualisation.

In this sacred space of self-love and exploration, you’ll honour the totality of your being to experience the intoxicating ecstasy that comes from releasing your rawest self and surrendering to the irresistible allure of your own divine nature.

Enter this portal of self empowerment, to feel transformative energy coursing through your veins, so you become exquisitely confident, irresistibly magnetic, and absolutely magickal. Truely transforming you into the hottest version of yourself who flirts with life because you know that you are a powerful and magickal creatrix.

It’s time to properly worship and adorn YOU, ‘cum’ join Anastasia for one of the most delicious ceremonies of your life.