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Alaska creates a nexus between worlds. Alchemizing her experiences into songs, so that others can connect more deeply to their own experiences too. This is evident in her unreleased album “Let’s keep this beautiful” a collection of heartfelt folk songs which highlight the trials and gifts of heartbreak, and the beauty that can be found in letting go.

Having enchanted Shambala in 2023, Alaska returns to share her latest musical journey. Backed by the sublime talents of guitarist and bassist Leo Ruff, she crafts an immersive experience of stripped-back instrumentation, warm vocals, and raw, emotive storytelling. 

Raised amidst the harmonies of Welsh choirs and the pulsating beats of Bristol’s sound systems, Alaska’s musical journey reflects her diverse influences. Now, loosely based in London, living nomadically, she spends her time pouring her creativity into music, dance, and every facet of her life. 

Prepare for a cozy, intimate and sensory journey as Alaska’s music invites you to soften into the moment. Expect cuddle puddles, bare feet in the grass, and an atmosphere of intimate connection as she weaves her magic once again at Shambala.