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Aleus Azure

Brooke Aleus Azure) is a 17 year old aspiring DJ and Producer from Bristol, playing at Shambala very first time, so give her a very warm, Hertz So Good welcome!

Brooke hopes to represent and inspire other young, female DJs, as she understands just how hard it can be to get started in this industry, and she wants to help push them to reach their goals!

Brooke is a multi genre DJ, the main genres she mixes are jungle, drum and bass, and tek. She was inspired to mix these genres by growing up very influenced by the free party and festival scenes and community.

She’s already had a set at an underground festival, and has one upcoming one for Glastonbury too – AND she’s putting on her own festival in July! POW!  She looks forward to seeing you all skanking your socks off at the front…

See you rigside!