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A show that will have you questioning the status quo. A journey from natural birth to natural burial, “Poetree of Life” is a 30 minute experience of heart warming eye opening poetry, spoken word and Rap from last years winner of Shambala’s Poetry Slam. 

Ali P is a curious creative cat, birth and free school activist and Mama bear on a mission with her vision of a writing revolution. Originally from Leicester to living off-grid in the Mountains of Spain aworking as a Facilitator at a democratic self-directed learning community called Banana Mountain and hosts weekly writing workshops @Cretivecatcafé to inspire, liberate and empower humans fanning their flames of creativity with her moto ‘All voices deserved to be heard’. She is the co-host of the movement “Poetry for the People” which has become a beacon of truth and connection in her community. 

Connecting people with her resonating words about addiction, bees, forgiveness, peace and grief “Poetree of Life” combines melodies of the highs and blows, the upside downs and insides out of life’s journey through the curious eyes of her inner child.