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Bad Fractals

Shamanic gangsters, tearing their way through Acid Glam Punk and Melodic Trash Rock, in a world gone mad.

They are here for the dispossessed and the disillusioned, the empowered and the energised. They are a rage of punk, a sweet breeze that whispers secret sins and spits in your face.

They are junk and jewels, rocks hurled through windows, kisses that roll across skin. They are mockery and mayhem – BAD FRACTALS – an itch in your soul. 

They have travelled a long way, and they embrace you. Take that riot in our hearts and kick it into life. Spray paint that love across the walls of the world, tattoo it onto our future with cheap lipstick. Celebrate sex and hear the world gasp, rename art and remake ourselves in its image. The time is NOW.

(Photo credit: Amelie Alessandra)