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Birdgirl: Learning to Fly

Dr Mya-Rose Craig is the youngest British person to be awarded an honorary doctorate from Bristol University at age 17. By age 18 she had written three books, her first book ‘We Have A Dream’ highlighting 30 global young environmentalists of colour fighting for our planet, the second, her memoir Birdgirl translated into 7 languages and due out as a graphic novel next year and the third, a children’s book, Flight, about bird migration. 

A thought provoking and entertaining talk exploring 22-year-old Mya-Rose’s life as environmental activist, and her memoir ‘Birdgirl’. Discover Mya-Rose’s moving and life-affirming memoir about family and how birds helped her during a deepening family mental health crisis. 

‘Lyrical, poignant and insightful’ -Margaret Atwood 

‘The astuteness with which the 20-year-old writes about her early life will reassure readers that our future is in good hands.’ – Time Magazine