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But is it Cultural Appropriation?!

Most of us have heard of cultural appropriation but many aren’t sure what it really means, or what counts as cultural appropriation and what doesn’t. Often, the starting point of any conversation about the subject is this question : “Is it cultural appropriation?!” Or maybe we even hear the question : “Is it cultural appreciation or cultural appropriation?” But both of these questions lead to a very binary (black & white) way of understanding what is actually an extremely nuanced and contextual conversation. 

In this talk/workshop Sheila aims to help unpick and explore these nuances and colonial contexts in which this conversation sits, to help better understand the implications of certain choices we might make, so that we can apply this understanding to our everyday lives. Sheila (she/her) is a trainer / facilitator working broadly around themes related to all forms of systemic oppression, to help better understand them – how they work, how they impact us, and how we reproduce them.