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Cruising the Crimson Waves with Chella Quint and Period Positive

Come along and cruise the crimson waves with menstrual activist, author, and Period Positive movement founder Chella Quint as she guides your itinerary through the history of menstrual product advertising. When it comes to periods, do you feel all at sea? You won’t for much longer. All aboard for this fantastic voyage where you’ll be astounded to discover the forgotten history and origins of so much of the language and imagery that we still see in menstrual product advertising today. But how do we escape these tidal waves of period shame?

From ocean liners to panty liners, Chella will steer you through the crimson waves and help you navigate them too, whether you menstruate or not. At various ports of call, you can learn the Menstrual Product Mambo, try your hand at period friendly crafts and pick up a postcard to remember everything you’ve discovered. There will also be a Q&A session and readings from Chella’s two books: Own Your Period and Be Period Positive. (Chella’s quite stern message to companies whose advertising doesn’t get with the programme? Shape up… or ship out!) 

Whether your relationship with periods is smooth sailing, a stormy sea or a dry sea bed, by the time you disembark, you will know how to leave taboos in your wake, spot current trends in menstrual media, and have a good grounding in menstrual literacy that will anchor you for future encounters with the… period Polyphemus? …luteal leviathan? …menstrual sea monster? In any case, you will have a whale of a time and soon be kraken wise yourself. This interactive talk follows the inclusive ethos of the Period Positive Pledge.