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Dazee began her “Jungle Crusade” in 1992 and co- founded Ruffneck Ting alongside Markee Substance (Kosheen) in 1993. Regular appearances at celebrated 90’s raves UniverseDreamscape, Helter Skelter, Hysteria and World Dance, helped build her name, with her sets captured forever in many of the tape packs from that era. Since then, her pioneering sound has taken her around the globe and she has featured on BBC Radio 1, Ministry Of Sound, BBC 1Xtra, VH1 HTV and ITV.

Dazee’s productions and co-labs have seen successful releases over two decades on independent dnb labels Breakbeat Culture, Colourstone, Siren Records, Hocus Pocus and of course Ruffneck Ting. From “Damn Right” released in ’96, to 2020’s co-lab with Euphonique, “Feel So she continues to champion her distinctive sample-led and bass heavy sound.

She stepped up to manage Ruffneck Ting Records after the relaunch in 2013 and since then the label has since gone from strength to strength with a succession of EPs topping independent dnb download charts.  In 2016, with the help of label regulars, Jinx, K Jah, Vytol and artist, Steve Wright, Dazee released  “The Xtraordinary League Of Junglists”,a sci-fi inspired concept album with accompanying vinyl and comic. She released the second Xtraodinary League Of Junglist’s album  Level 1 and Level 2 in 2018, continuing the theme and showcasing the huge roster of artists now producing for the label.

Dazee’s long time passion for her music is evident and she continues into the future as resident for Ruffneck Ting and Run world wide.  Events such as Love Saves The Day, Jungle Jam, Shambala, Glastonbury, Hospitality and Hotcakes Live Streams have continued to take the Dj Dazee/Ruffneck Ting sound to an ever-wider audience. With a heavy schedule of Ruffneck Ting releases set for 2020/2021, production and label management keeps her busy when she’s not behind the decks. On top of this, Dazee enjoys passing on her musical experience in her Lead Lecturer role at Bimm University, as well as Ruffneck Ting Academy mentoring projects, helping aspiring artists progress in the scene.

“I’ll always do my best to bring colourful sounds and positive vibes to the scene and help other people with their creative journeys whenever I can”