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Deconstructing White Supremacy Culture with Sheila Menon

White supremacy is a culture we have been swimming in for centuries. We’re all shaped by it, and we’re all reproducing it in ways we don’t even see. This interactive workshop provides a useful tool to explore the characteristics of white supremacy culture, to reflect on ourselves and what we carry, as well as constructive antidotes to start deconstructing the culture we’re all unconsciously reproducing every day.   

This workshop is intended for a mixed audience; everyone is welcome. The workshop after this one (4.15pm at Rebel Soul) is designed exclusively for negatively racialised people from the Global Majority*

*The term Global Majority was coined to break out of the colonial, white, Eurocentric perspective that constantly defines the rest of the world in opposition to itself, and minoritises the knowledge, experiences and ways of thinking of those it describes as “minorities”, even though they represent over 85% of the world’s population, from Asia to Africa, to indigenous peoples and their descendants.