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Dom Coyote [WORKSHOP]

Ley Lum La is a mindful, ambient voice bath created by musician/performance maker Dom Coyote. A journey into the inner world and the outer reaches. Let your worries unravel and your spirit breathe, as Dom takes you on a guided meditation through acapella voice and subtle electronics. Find a moment of calm amidst the storm of modern life.

Each of these journeys is unique, an improvisation made entirely for the present moment, moving through falsetto ambience and down into deep, resonating bass vibrations, building a bridge to the hidden resonances and vibrations that are all around us.

Dom Coyote (EMT) is an award winning composer, theatre maker and voice coach. He was a long term collaborator with internationally acclaimed theatre company Kneehigh. Dom is now Artistic director of Bristol performance company OTIC. He also creates performance projects and writes music for theatre and film. His unusual blend of electronica, acoustic and vocal music, along with his innate fascination with story has led him to international collaborations from South Africa to Berlin and create musical scores across an eclectic mix of art forms and genres.