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Embodied Movement and Voice with Alice Elizabeth

A play for the senses. This workshop will take you on a journey through sense, movement, breath and sound experience. What is it to travel back to a version of your own innate primal nature?

Through the body we travel back to a freer, more empowered and curious state. Through the voice we explore unique sound, vibration and sounding release!

The practice of embodiment is a way to awaken the dance of becoming more present in your own skin.

This workshop offers an introduction to the embodied self. You will guided through a series of activations, practices through body and voice – that enable the opportunity for full body presence. Journeying back to a freer, more empowered and curious state of body.

Allowing the body to be the portal to create more of a relationship to body, mind, senses, spirit.
This offers an inclusive experience to be addressed, accepted, explored, loved and seen.