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Emma Lea

Emma Lea is signed singer songwriter from London UK, with previous success in Dance music.

However, in 2017 she discovered Electro Swing and instantly fell in love with it’s creativity and vintage vibe!

Since then, she has successfully written and recorded for the likes of Tom ESC (Electric Swing Circus), Wolfgang Lohr, Duke Skellington, C@ in the H@, Atom Smith, Riff Kitten, LVDS, Odd Chap, Deladap, Bart & Baker and many more, along with her debut album on the horizon, signed to the well respected Ragtime Records.

Emma has achieved 7 Spotify Editorials, as well as currently achieving the Electro Swing Spotify Editorial No.1 spot, with her recent release with the amazing C@ in the H@ with “I Got You”.

Emma’s core musical  mission is to breed positivity through her creations, whether it be lyrically or melodically. Every song will leave you feeling like you’re on a musical adventure, filled with positive messages, with many more adventures to come!