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Fifty Shades of Yellow

Fifty Shades of Yellow is a project born out of a love of nature, gardening, colour and wool. We are passionate about creating sustainable textiles and beautiful colours through the alchemy of plant dyes.

The Fifty Shades of Yellow crew will be tending to dye pots and sharing the alchemy of plant dyeing throughout the festival.

Festival goers, nature lovers and colour enthusiasts can also join in the on-going dyeing demos. We will invite people to join in traditional wool winding, transforming hanks of yarn into perfect balls of wool.

Yarn Dyeing – Buy and Dye Yarn.
Festival goers can choose from a selection of pre-mordanted yarns that can be dip dyed in the dye bath/s of your choice.

Felted Festival Soaps
Festival goers can create a handy felted travel soap.