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Healing from Internalised Racism

In her session on healing from internalised racism, Karen Larbi will create a safe and empowering space for people of colour to embark on a journey of self-discovery and liberation. Through a blend of somatic practices, cultural rituals, and storytelling, participants will be guided to explore the depths of their experiences and emotions. Individuals will be supported to reconnect with their bodies, releasing stored trauma and tension. These embodied practices will be complemented by cultural rituals that honour ancestral wisdom and resilience, providing a sense of grounding and belonging.  

Through the use of storytelling as a powerful tool for collective healing, participants will be invited to share their narratives and listen to those of others, fostering compassion and solidarity within the group. By bringing awareness to internalised beliefs and behaviours shaped by systemic oppression, participants will begin the process of dismantling them and reclaiming their authentic selves.  

Throughout the session, emphasis will be placed on fostering self-awareness, pride, and holistic healing. By reconnecting with their cultural heritage and embodying practices rooted in spirituality and resilience, participants will cultivate a sense of empowerment and resilience in the face of racism’s impact. Karen will support participants to carry these insights and tools forward, empowering them to continue their journey of healing and self-liberation when they leave the session.

Please note, this session is only for people of colour.