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Idrisi Ensemble

Over a thousand years ago, polyphonic singing began to be codified and eventually written down. This scintillating weaving of voices became known by the Greek word “polyphony” – literally “many sounds”. In churches and cathedrals, this “ars organisandi”, the art of organising sounds together, enthralled and mesmerised. 

In this concert, the world-class Idrîsî Ensemble invites you on a journey from never-before-recorded 5th century Old Roman chant, right through to living UNESCO-protected Corsican polyphonies. 

Experience the transcendent power of unaccompanied voices, as sung by the extraordinary Idrîsî Ensemble. Combining the latest scholarship in medieval musicology with raw and vibrant performances, this groundbreaking collective of folk, jazz, soul, and classical singers is causing a storm in the early music scene. With recent acclaimed performances in Durham Cathedral and Corsica, this unique evening is not to be missed!