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KILL ALL CYNICISTS is a puppetry and storytelling show by Roos Buskes and Tuesday Wulterkens. But it is way more than that. It started out with a brilliant book by Bell Hooks called ‘All About Love’ and it ended up as an ode to love, solidarity, anger and humanity. I mean look at the world, how can you love? But also, look at the world, how can you not love? And what is love anyway? And why is it so hard to be vulnerable? Maybe the answers lie in Greek mythology and foam rubber men. KILL ALL CYNICISTS is a radically different point of view in a world in which vulnerability is rapidly fading and cynicism is becoming the order of the day. Is it impossible to grow old without being afraid to say ‘I love you”?  Through puppetry and storytelling we will steer you away from that cynical, conservative, bitter, big angry wolf.