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Know Your Cycle, Know Yourself with Lottie Randomly

Periods get all the attention, but what about the menstrual cycle as a whole?

Many of us grew up knowing the bare minimum about our cycles and were even taught that our periods were something to be embarrassed by. But what if the stories we were told weren’t true and our cycle could be an ally rather than an enemy in our lives?

In this session we’ll explore the rhythms of our cycles for deeper self-care and self-knowledge by:

  • Digging into the four phases of the menstrual cycle and considering their unique qualities.
  • Inquiring into how the menstrual cycle relates to the other cycles in the natural world and beyond.
  • Exploring where we struggle with our cycles and where we feel at our best.
  • Supporting one another to imagine what changes we could make both individually and collectively that might make our cycles easier (and possibly even pleasurable?) for us.
  • Considering the politics of menstruation and so-called PMS.

Whether you have a regular cycle or an irregular one; hate your period or love it; struggle with tough symptoms or breeze through each month – this workshop welcomes all experiences.

Facilitated by Lottie Randomly, an experienced menstrual cycle awareness educator.

Lottie (they/them) has been a menstrual health activist and menstrual cycle awareness educator for thirteen years. Their approach draws on their extensive background in mental health work, youth co-production and community resilience building, whilst using queer, anti-capitalist and intersectional lenses to inform their approach.

A facilitator, writer and funeral ceremonialist, they are drawn to the inner landscapes that people often fear passing through. Death, grief, menstruation, peri/menopause and other places of surrender are the terrains they often explore.

Parent, DJ, dweller of Bristol, expert day-dreamer and tea drinker, Lottie revels in facilitating spaces where folks can learn, inquire and bring all their curiosity and wonder.