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Monster Rap Battle [WORKSHOP]

Ready to unleash your inner beast? Then join us at Phantom Laundry on Saturday morning for our sixth annual Monster Rap Battle Workshop.

Led by Monstrous Mark Grist, (known for his viral poetry and rap battles with over 60 million views on YouTube), this workshop promises to be fun, interactive and educational for all ages. Whether you’re a fledgling fiend or a seasoned sea serpent, you’re very welcome to join us as Mark shares the ins and outs of rap battling in a way that’s fun, engaging and just as suitable (and challenging) for kids as it is for adults.

Throughout the workshop you’ll dive into the world of multi-syllabic rhyme, learn how to raise your status, harness your inner monster and land lyrical punches that leave your rivals quaking in their fur.

The highlight of the workshop is, of course, the monster rap-off finale.

Who will come out on top and be crowned the most powerful monster of the festival? Hans Gruber won it last year but, as always, anyone (or anything) can walk away with the crown.

Why not bring your closest monsters and join us this year?