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Movement Meditation with Stephen Mulley

Movement meditation uses gentle body movements, breathwork, and active positions, all with a mindful and slow pace, to find a sense of peace, calm, and relaxation.

It focuses on the movements of the body rather than the goal of the movement. As with all meditation, the key is to hone into the moment with awareness. For example, we may be mindful of our muscles as they move, our bones and joints, or the feeling of our feet against the ground or the air against our skin.

We might notice various parts of the body that are otherwise ignored, like the elbow, shoulder or cheek. We’ll pay attention to the body and how it feels as it moves, bends, and twists. Even your breathing, heartbeat, and other inner sensations can be better noticed through movement and when you are mindful of the body.

The movements themselves will be simple and accessible for everyone.
Movement meditation can be particularly good if you aren’t in the mood for sitting still!