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Nat Geo+ Queens: Nature’s Matriarchs Through Music

“Queens” is the first-ever wildlife series focused solely on female matriarchal species, breaking the traditions of natural history to explore unseen female behaviour and stories. Produced by a female-led team, it showcases the unique dynamics of these species. Three wildlife filmmakers will take you behind the scenes, challenging what you think you already know about animals and what it takes to create a genre-breaking series. 

Music lies at the heart of the series; collaborating with a female composer from M83 and featured music from contemporary female artists. Similar to “Desert Island Discs,” music from the series will be used to dissect themes from the episodes, including story, emotion, and science, while also sharing secrets on how the show filmed scenes across the globe — from Africa, to the Arctic and Pacific Northwest, and Central America. Topics covered include sisterhood, family, sex, infanticide, consent, abortion, and powerful female leadership.