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Paul Simon Soundsystem

HooHar is a  DJ collective from Newcastle upon Tyne.

Since 1991, HooHar has been spinning an all vinyl mix across the dimension enjoying a blend of jazz, funk, reggae, bloooooooz, jungle, hip hop, and old school rave. With roots in the free party, club and radio scene, HooHar has been playing at Shambala since 2013!

HooHar offers everything from relaxing soundscapes to energetic party tunes. So tune in for a truly memorable vinyl experience!

DJ Threez started out playing free parties in 1994 in and around Bristol, has been resident at The Waiting Room since 2008 and has also played at Shambala’s Beyond the Stars, Barrio Afrika, Roots Corner and Back a Yard with his daughter DJ Hannza as Moylan Family.

Having met him playing football, Threez started Djing with Hoo Har in Bristol in 2004 and since then we’ve enjoyed many hours of B2B musical adventures and dancefloor mayhem…. after midnight til dawn is their favourite time!