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Queering the Cycles: Sharing Space for Trans & Non-Binary Folk with Alice Human

This space welcomes you as you are with all that you bring: your body, your cycles, your genders, and your transness. 

Alice will create a warm and creative space using simple rituals, play, and sensory engagement, inviting us to share what it is to be Trans/Non-Binary and have a relationship with menstrual cycles. 

This is for anyone who wants to explore their own experience and meet others’ experiences in a creative and held way. I am a Queer Non-Binary Dramatherapist with a desire to support people on the fringes, already in the queer space, or dancing in the unknown. It is beautiful and powerful, and also has its challenges. Let’s create a loving nest of support; an oasis in the heat of the festival to reset, re-align, and breathe into our power.