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Radioactive Man

Keith Tenniswood’s first electronic music workings landed in the mid 90s working next to Andrew Weatherall as Two Lone Swordsmen. The work the pair created set a bar for experimental electronics of that era with deftly produced machine funk and strange experiments. 

In their time, they released albums on the UK’s most important electronic music label, Warp, with a baffling array of pseudonyms finding their way onto vinyl pressings. They were more than prolific remixers too, reforming the like’s of Spiritualized, Primal Scream, Death in Vegas & Ricardo Villalobos.  

In between the Swordsmen’s explorative studio sessions Tenniswood developed his own edge on this sound landing with the celebrated ‘Uranium’ EP and then his self-titled debut album ‘Radioactive Man’ in 1999. 

As a producer he has married his passion for soundsystem culture with an admiration of Drexciyan electro taking influence from Detroit and his native land in equal measure. To date Keith has released 5 solo studio albums, not including the 8th DJ mix compilation in fabric’s respected series, and his music has seen release on a range of respected underground imprints including WANG Trax and Killekill.  

His own label ‘Asking For Trouble’ is where you will find his music today. Established by Keith in 2017 the first release was his 5th studio album Luxury Sky Garden and since has released a collaboration with respected studio partner Suade Bergemann of Adapted records as Victor Valiant. It’s the second label that has been under the producer’s charge.  Keith’s first label Control Tower – run alongside the Dexorcist – was famed for its 150bpm and above bass charged weapons, now championed by the likes of DJ Stingray and Helena Hauff. 

 A solid theme of Keith’s story of a producer is his love for collaboration. From the roots of his career in Two Lone Swordsmen he’s paired up with a number of respected peers over the years, working with dBridge as dBRm, Billy Nasty as RadioNasty, Craig Richards, Simon Lynch & Monoak as L-R , and Dave Clarke on his album Desecration of Desire. 

The live environment has always been a space where the Radioactive Man sound thrives and has always been one of the most influential elements to his writing process. Working off a hardware set up, the full power of this razor-edged beat programming and fine honed melodic sonic palette, the live space has always been one of the biggest influences on his output – making music to be felt on the dance floor. 

Last year saw Keith release more collaborations on Asking For Trouble, release new solo tracks and continues his endless process of working to develop his live set and create new sounds.

This year Keith is has put his Two Lone Swordsman cap back on with the release of a new album – these are tracks he and Weatherall made over the years – It’s a more sedate TLS sound but nonetheless genius!

The live set is still and always expanding and the mastering continues…  Towards the end of 2023 he mastered Dj Krust’s acclaimed album ‘The Edge Of Everything’ Which received rave reviews and major recognition on sound.