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Razzomo are a Full Power Folk Duo! They mix sizzling Klezmer, Balkan & Irish fiddle lines with booming guitar beats & loops – with more than enough energy to keep you dancing all night!

Razzomo was born whilst travelling and they have performed to loving audiences around the world including India, Thailand, Croatia and Denmark. They have played extensively across UK festivals including Glastonbury, Boomtown & Nozstock, as well as all around their beloved hometown of Bristol and around the UK.

Both are members of festival favourites Mr Tea and the Minions, and as a duo they put their own unique spin on traditional Balkan and Celtic folk music – whilst mixing their broad range of influences into their energetic live set featuring original tunes and original takes on traditional bangers, plus the odd 90’s dance rave!!!

2024 sees the release of their ‘Good Times’ EP available on all major platforms – capturing the live energy of this “dynamic folk duo known for their energetic performances” – Somerset Sounds