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Ritual for (Eco)Systemic Grief with Hannah Lewis and Ian Nesbitt

What if a lack of spaces for grieving together is partly why we’re in so much trouble? Hannah and Ian invite you in, gently and boldly, to a simple and moving collective ritual for (eco)systemic grief. All feelings welcome.

Hannah is a facilitator and psychotherapist, she’s fascinated by collapse in all it’s forms, and Ian is an artist and pilgrim, who has been working with collective listening practices for two years. 

They want to foster spaces within us and for other people to unlearn the toxic habits and beliefs of modernity. Remembering how to grieve collectively is a key part of that. 

We give thanks to the work of grief tender Sophy Banks, and her training with Sobonfu Somé.

This session is part of a day of talks and workshops exploring “Practicing Togetherness in a Collapsing System” curated by Ian Nesbitt: If we acknowledge that the pillars of modernity are crumbling, how can we find each other in these times, and what are the practices that lean into new and ancient ways of being together?