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Samatha Meditation with Vijay Khuttan

The Samatha Meditation tradition is based on the Buddha’s discourse on breathing mindfulness in order to bring about Jhana. 

These Jhanic states are blissful states that pause and suspend our usual mental habits so that one can be temporarily free of mental defilements. To develop these states, a system of breath control was designed by the founder of the Samatha tradition, Nai Boonman. It is based on 16 Stages and works progressively on developing mindfulness of breathing. Only when mindfulness and concentration are well balanced can the mind enter the state of inner bliss of Jhana. 

Having been cleansed (to whatever degree) one can develop insight into how the mind operates and how it builds our world with thought patterns. The deeper the blissful state the more the mind is purified, also strengthening our sense of peace and equanimity. However, to develop this state takes regular practice of breathing mindfulness to increase mental awareness. 

The Samatha tradition has 3 centres where one can go on retreat to practice in a such a concerted way. The main national centre is in Wales and regular beginners’ retreats are held there throughout the year. There are also local classes held around the United Kingdom, Ireland and the USA, the majority of which are beginners’ classes.