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Shambolympics Grand Finale

Village Circus returns with their dazzling troupe of Play Makers, to bring you, the Shambolympics!! 

Are you the 2024 Shambolympic Champions?!  Could you win the coveted prize of SIX tickets to Shambala ’25?! It’s time to gather your most competitive friends, the brainy one, the sporty one, the whacky one – hang on, are we forming a pop group here?  Actually, a team song COULD gain you a few bonus points…. Anyway – sign up, and prepare for the most bizarre athletic meet of your life so far.

The weekend’s winners bring their all in a battle for the coveted title of 2024 Shambolympics Champions – bring flags, bring bells & support your heroes in the arena, not to be missed!

“What do you say we do what the man says and make today our masterpiece” Ted Lasso