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Growing up at festivals, Leo, aka Shifter, knows what it means to really dance. Amongst loose limbs and sweaty pits, Shifter finds his sanctuary—a place where the chaos of reality fades away, and the euphoria of communal celebration prevails. 

It’s within this realm of wholesome debauchery that he thrives, cultivating an atmosphere where laughter, song, and dance reign supreme. Residing in the musical metropolis that is Bristol, Shifter has managed to carve out some kind of DJ career off the back of having no idea what he wants to play ever. 

Having been given the opportunity to explore this territory by the Bristol phenomena that is Kesh, of AnExperience, Shifter has honed his skills, playing at some of Bristol’s most iconic venues, including the Trinity Centre, Black Swan and Cosies. 

Coming from a passion for reggae, dub and Soundsystem culture, Shifter cherishes loud, bass heavy grooves. Occasionally indulging in the heavier sounds of jungle and dubstep or whimsically frolicking in the uplifting chirps of Soukous and Ska, Shifter loves to blend weird and wonderful genres together, making you wanna move your feet to the rockin’est, rocksteady beat. 

Expect all things from Cumbia to Calypso, Salsa to Shabba Ranks, Bossa Nova to Bhangra with the occasional jig or jive. Embark on this sonic voyage and emerge joyous and giddy.