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Sing Asana with Becca and Pippa

Connect with your inner voice in a combined singing and yoga session. Bring harmony to your body, mind and spirit using healing vibrations and rhythmic flow.

These sessions embark on a transformative journey, leaving you with a sense of resilience, strength and revitalization. We seamlessly blend voice therapy techniques, balancing yoga practices and group singing exercises. Through a carefully crafted routine, we fuse the realms of singing and yoga, creating a harmonious blend of song and movement.

Sessions start with a grounding meditation using vowel sounds and vocal warmups to harness vibrational energy as we become fully present in the space. The session gradually intensifies combining the magic of simple uplifting songs and powerful yoga poses. All songs are taught by ear, simple songs with repeating nourishing lyrics are learnt like mantras which will absorb into the fabric of your being.

Harmonising breath, voice and body imparts a profound sense of presence. Singing between poses introduces a feeling of unity and connection, enhancing an overall sense of relaxation. This is a beginner’s session with more advanced poses being offered as optional. No singing or yoga experience is needed.

Sing Asana will be facilitated by Becca and Pippa. Becca has over 15 years of therapeutic experience and runs singing for wellbeing classes in Bristol which specialise in fostering connections through song. Pippa is a Hatha yoga teacher based in Bristol. She is passionate about creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where students feel safe to explore and grow in their practice.