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Solve All Your Problems with Permaculture Principles

Permaculture is more than a smart way to design a garden layout or understand where to locate your compost bin. The design process and principles can be used to help answer all sorts of life’s questions, big or small… from whether to change career, or move house, to whether you should relocate a kitchen shelf.

Come with something you’d like to think about in your own life, from the profound to the mundane. We will have fun exploring what Permaculture has to offer, as a way of thinking it through and offering new perspectives and deeper understanding of ourselves and the systems we exist in.

This interactive workshop will offer a fun intro to some of the main principles for design thinking that Permaculture offers, like a taster of a Permaculture design course session, plus if you’re lucky you might get a useful new perspective on one of life’s challenges. Zero previous knowledge of Permaculture needed!