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Soup 4 My Family Takeover the CottageCore Kitchen: Free Brunch!

Soup 4 My Family (@soup4myfamily) is an autonomous, non-hierarchical food & ideas distribution collective. We are an offshoot project founded by members of Cambridge Community Kitchen, a community that is fighting for food sovereignty in the most unequal city in the country and which serves around 600 free hot meals per week.

We make delicious soup using the byproducts of the wasteful economy: vegetables that would be thrown away by supermarkets & market vendors, surplus bread from bakeries, unwanted mugs & bowls that we rescue from charity shop bins / local people’s kitchens etc. We have souped at protests, in parks, at festivals & other community events. We don’t charge for our food because we believe that nobody should be denied access to something as basic as food while it exists around us in abundance.

The act of bringing strangers together to eat, alongside our little travelling zine library, provides the ideal conditions for facilitating conversations about mutual aid & radical politics, and for dreaming together about what community care & our food systems might look like in a more equitable world.